As the entertainment industry evolves, so do we. Imagine
the opportunities when lessons learned from one sector are
applied to another. This is the thinking behind B/HI.

What We Do Best

  • Content/Campaign Publicity
  • Lifestyle Media Partnerships
  • Talent Relations
  • Event Support & Planning
  • Review Programs
  • Calendar-Based Programming
Content/Campaign Publicity

The lifeblood of our client programs is our support of entertainment content in all its forms, from film and television to home/digital delivery to online/streaming. B/HI prides itself on creative ideation, strategic use of assets and expert program management from Hollywood’s top content creators to the most current digital vanguards.

Lifestyle Media Partnerships

Our core strength of engaging lifestyle, entertainment and consumer media is born from creating longstanding, mutually beneficial alliances between clients and outlets rather than the one-off placement. Often these can be found in unexpected places and create secondary impact, making the agreement even sweeter.

Talent Relations

Supporting entertainment content in all its forms means developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with the creators behind it. From personalities, writers and artists to digital influencers, B/HI ensures the best integration of creators into content campaigns and often facilitates the internal communications between our clients and that talent.

Event Support & Planning

Our cross-section of entertainment, technology and gaming clients means there is rarely a major trade show at which we don’t have a presence. From stalwarts such as Comic-Con to E3 to Licensing Show, we excel at on-site representation and creative activations. Recently, we’ve expanded to include custom showcase events off the trade show floors, often in support of our Entertainment Licensed Products clients.

Review Programs

Whether it’s a Blu-ray, a AAA video game or home electronics product, B/HI’s review programs are consistent and stringent. Forged on the strength of respected relationships with top reviewers and an end-to-end approach to managing the process, we ensure that the merit of our assets is the lone criteria for judgment.

Calendar-Based Programming

If content and creators are the players on our team, then the calendar is our playbook. More than just the holiday gift guide efforts of our contemporaries, B/HI’s approach is year-round, targeting not only mainstream holidays but also the key selling periods that drive consumption. From there, our entertainment content teams take aim at the “offbeat calendar,” treating each day as a chance to tailor the stories of our clients, whether it’s “National Pizza Day” or “May the Fourth be With You.”

Corporate Communications

As important as it is to support the content and products of our clients as their external face, it’s equally as important to help them find their corporate voice and narrative. B/HI has led prominent names in entertainment and technology through a process of self-evaluation that ultimately forms both an external and internal narrative as well as own-able industry platforms and discussions.

Crisis/Issues Management

Much of what we do relates to “fun and games,” but when the topic or tone turns serious, B/HI stands shoulder to shoulder with its clients, armed with practices and protocols designed to manage the most serious crises or issues. Even more importantly, we work with our clients to develop a culture of “issues sensing” that helps us plan and mitigate internal or external challenges before they ever reach the surface.

Internal Communications

As entertainment and technology companies expand and grow more diverse, it’s important to turn the message inward, but in a way that’s more organic and genuine than the standard corporate newsletter or forum post. B/HI works with its partners to craft both the voice and the vehicles for delivery, allowing clients to champion results and stay ahead of questions floating among the employee base.

Executive Positioning/Media Training

We understand the need to ensure that our executives are profiled with breadth and depth and atop the “power lists” that drive awareness, driven by the narrative and platforms we’ve developed for the company as a whole. Our three-phase media training program guides executives at all levels through media basics, mock interviews of all types and live audience panel simulations to prepare them for all situations.

Social Media Management/ Engagement

With the help of our strategic partner Daxia Digital, B/HI offers its clients a full suite of social tools. From the nascent startup looking for content creation and community management to our more established clients seeking campaigns in support of their content or product rollouts, we scale with what’s required. On the engagement side, we’re able to service a spectrum that spans customer service to influencer targeting as the science behind micro-targeting audiences becomes more precise every day.

Influencer Relations

Where bloggers were the original coin of the realm for extending one’s message beyond traditional media, that landscape has crystallized into an array of influencers ranging from YouTube creators to the legion of Millennial and GenZ talent working with large digital platforms. B/HI works the initiative from both sides, counting those platforms among our clients and integrating the individuals that move the needle into our campaigns.

  • Corporate Communications
  • Crisis/Issues Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Executive Positioning/Media Training
  • Social Media Management/ Engagement
  • Influencer Relations

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Our Practices

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