If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our 30+ years working in the business of entertainment, it’s that a focused yet flexible approach matters. We’ve developed a methodology designed to maximize our strategy for our clients.

The B/HI Method

Our record of promoting and raising the profile of both executives and content can be found across our portfolio. Here’s how we do it:

The Pundit Makeover

Our goal with the pundit makeover is to take our executives or talent and expand both their profile and the narrative platforms to which they can speak across different audiences. We analyze the individual’s current industry “presence,” and fill in the gaps.

Deconstructing Data

We break down a company into its individual data sets and then reassemble them into the topics or trends that can be measured, the frequency with which we communicate, the target audiences and the data visualization required.


Not only do we have a year-round gift guide team that focuses on myriad holidays official and unofficial, we consider the calendar our playbook and look at each day as an opportunity.


The very lifeblood of B/HI’s consumer lifestyle, entertainment content and consumer/licensed product programs are the relationships and opportunities we’re able to create with leading media outlets, bloggers, influencers and fans. B/HI’s relationships in these areas, however, reflect our ability to create longer, more meaningful and mutually beneficial content partnerships than simply the one-off placement.

Think like the Internet

We operate in an age where content is consumed with a “Buzzfeed mentality” of “listicles,” slides shows and dynamic graphics and clips. B/HI has evolved its philosophy to “think like the Internet” and look at the assets of its program campaign through the lens of not only “where we can place this” but “what can we do with it?”