When “Jurassic Park” broke box office records back in the ’90s, B/HI represented the studio’s merchandising efforts, which grossed more than $1 billion. When “Jurassic World” premiered 25 years later, B/HI was there to continue telling its story. That’s knowing the business of entertainment.

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With a deep understanding of audiences, platforms and trends, and an obsession with technology, we are a trusted partner for clients who are ready to explode their potential.


From the hottest trends to the next big innovations in gaming, tech and content platforms, we know the pulse of entertainment.


We’re data-driven experts who specialize in extending experiences from the big screen to smaller screens…and beyond.


These days, everyone is influential. That’s why at B/HI, we target your message with the right storytelling to the right audience. Whether that audience is regional, national or international.

30 Years Strong…

and Counting

For more than three decades, B/HI has been a marketing communications leader at the epicenter of entertainment content, products and technology. Since 1986, we’ve been front and center for every inflection point of entertainment consumption – from launching the first original syndicated television series (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) to shepherding the introduction of Blu-Ray to launching a scrappy startup called Netflix to helping guide the current crop of SVOD and digital delivery platforms.

Heck, we even brought Oprah to the national stage. Yes, that Oprah.

Our history is filled with some of the most influential names in entertainment and startups that have changed the landscape, but our story is just getting started. Grounded in an approach focused on cultivating the right relationships and fueled by a passion for the content we represent, B/HI is continuously reinventing itself.

The entertainment industry is forever restless. So are we.

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