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Much more than just a loosely affiliated, referral-oriented PR and marketing network, Surround Group partners operate in a fully integrated manner, applying shared expertise, economies of scale and proprietary processes on behalf of their clients. The result is a streamlined and effective approach to addressing the potentially complicated nuances of managing international PR and marketing services, adjusting for cultural, lifestyle, economic and operating business realities.


More specifically, we focus on providing a wide range of capabilities to Entertainment Content, Interactive Entertainment, Consumer Products and Technology/Consumer Electronics and other industries. As the world requires more comprehensive and integrated global communications experience and skills in our corresponding industries, all Surround Group partners are well positioned to effectively meet future client’s needs and business opportunities.

Surround capabilities & services in each local territory include:

  • All media and media influencer relations
  • Social media services and consulting
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand listening audits
  • Video content creation
  • Full website and apps development
  • Corporate/financial relations
  • Crisis management
  • Comprehensive creative and advertising services


The Surround Partner’s expertise is in packaged goods, professional services, entertainment, media and technologies that are shaping the future of all. Whether from a consumer or business-to-business perspective Surround’s reach and influence extends across key regions and countries around the world.


3nMedia is the pioneer Videogame Consulting Company for the Latin American industry; established in 2006, and based in Mexico City. We have built a broad service catalog based on local experience and have strong business relationships with local partners (distributors, media and retail). 

3nMedia delivers a large range of services, each one of them tailored to reach our clients goals and budget. Our great understanding of the industry ensures the best results for each of our clients and their specific goals in this market. We want to help you sell more, and we've positioned our experience to make it happen. 

Our central role design, development and coordination of global communications.


Founded in 1992 and based in Seoul, Korea, Chayun Public Relations is a group of dedicated people committed to actively promoting clients to their target market. CPR professionals are known as tenacious negotiators as well as media experts who understand the intricacies of the Korean culture and the business environment. This valuable knowledge therefore enables CPR clients to benefit. CPR is in constant pursuit of developing innovative strategies, supplying pertinent culture information, update research materials, and implementing programs. Over the years, CPR has earned the reputation of being reliable, responsive and uniquely steadfast to its clients, believing in the long-term relationship. 

Past and/or Present Clients include: Microsoft Xbox360 Kinect, Texas Instruments, Cartoon Network (CN), CNN, BMW, Amore Pacific Corp., Johnson & Johnson, Pizza Hut and Embassy of UK in Korea.



Dixit Comunicacion de Negocios is a marketing communications, public relations and event organization firm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a broad experience in the technology, telecommunications and services industries, Dixit focuses on business customer needs to provide comprehensive marketing solutions.


Since 1987, we have supported clients that require positive communications and intelligently applied strategic services and actions.

GrupoCASA services are divided into the following areas: Informare (Press Relations) 2D Design (Web and Printed design) Inventus (Events creation, assembling and general coordination) Global Strategies (Strategic Actions to increase Commercial Pipelines) Casa Brasil (Brazilian cultural projects for Social Development) . GrupoCASA also maintains, since 1989, Ecopress, the first environmental news agency founded in Brazil in order to monitor news published by local media about environment. In June 2006 the agency launched Ecowatch a weekly analysis of the media coverage of environmental news. Besides winning international awards, Ecopress was the first agency to launch a newsletter totally focused in Environmental Education for teachers.

GrupoCASA is also a member of EurocomPR Alliance, , COMVORT -, associated with Media Consulta (one of the most important agencies in Germany)  and has formed its own network in Latin America composed of associates in: Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Peru.


HiLinks is an independent public relations firm, focused on strategic communications consultancy, creation and implementation of comprehensive communication services, carefully tailored to our clients, and their company-specific objectives, to help them achieve their business goals, giving important added value to their organizations. Our experience with positioning and branding, allows us to strengthen and protect corporate or individual reputations, as well as create beneficial relationships with stakeholders and media outlets. We do so ,by working independently and in accordance with the highest professional standards. 

In the process, HiLinks becomes a strategic partner, one who proposes both broad plans of action and detailed tactical maneuvers in order to reach your target audience and raise your public profile.


Europe – focused, Delasocial is a full service communication and consulting agency specialized in advising their clients in the fields of marketing, public relations, product management and distribution as well as delivering support in day-to-day-business. Due to many years of industry expertise in international senior management and operational business, Delasocial is the perfect choice for tailor-made solutions, from classic PR consulting to fully outsourced marketing departments. The agency celebrated its 10th anniversary in September 2011. 

Past and/or Present Clients include: Bethesda Softworks, Aklaim, City Interactive, Disney Interactive & Mobile Studios, 20th Century Fox, Hasbro, Intel, Koch Media, Midway, Capcom, Mapco, THQ, Square Enix and WB.


There’s no other PR company like us. That’s just the way it is. Ask our clients. Our employees. The media. Ask your favourite blogger. Ask the people who help set up our events. With offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Media Profile is Canada’s largest employee-owned public relations company. Loosely translated, that means that your success is our success. We’re smart, we’re fun and we’re well-connected. You’ll sleep soundly at night because of our expertise in traditional and emerging PR disciplines. And you’ll wake up excited by our innovative and unexpected ideas. We’re Media Profile. And you’re in for a new experience.


MLJ Agency is a global public relations firm specializing in the entertainment community. Its area of expertise include the creation and management of well-rounded PR campaigns, image creation, publicity management as well as event planning and marketing for the television and film industries worldwide. As a full service PR company, MLJ Agency offer the kind of attention that supports corporate image, drives marketing objectives and attracts potential clients, partners, investors and more.


Newell Public Relations was established in Hong Kong in 1993 and today ranks among China’s leading specialists in corporate public relations and one the foremost independent public relations consultancies in Asia. Through our offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, we provide a full complement of public relations services across China and the Asia Pacific region. We currently have around 48 full time staff, most bilingual, with around 24 stationed in Beijing and 19 in Hong Kong. Newell is experienced and fully conversant with the needs of multinational firms and adept at generating coverage in the media for its clients. Our award-winning campaigns deliver results. Twice nominated for PR Week's Consultancy of the Year, Newell PR was the first agency in the region to win the coveted Technology Campaign of the Year - a year later scooping the same award for a second time. In 2004, we again won the technology category, this time for work with Nanomuscle, a maker of next-generation electric motors. Newell is also a founding member of the Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong and previous chairman. 

Past and/or Present Clients include: Adobe, Digital China, tellabs, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Discovery Channel, TLC, HBO, WarnerTV, max, Parrot, American Express and clicktronic.


Orient Planet is one of the Middle East’s most rapidly growing public relations, marketing and communications consultancies. Orient Planet’s expertise in creative communications coupled with contemporary thinking provides unparalleled marketing communications services to its clients across numerous sectors.

Orient Planet specializes in providing powerful and distinctive business communications drawing on the best talent and quality resources to assist local, regional and international companies in enhancing their corporate reputation and brand equity. Our ability to positively alter perceptions among key stakeholders to suit clients’ needs sets us noticeably apart in our field.

Orient Planet’s multicultural team combines a diversity of creative thought and global understanding with extensive experience in successful client management to offer a complete range of dedicated PR services in Arabic, English and French. We believe that a truly effective Public Relations campaign should seek to build a positive and compelling relationship between an organization and its customers with the specific intent of generating business for our clients. It is the bottom-line returns that really matter.

It is this outlook that has helped Orient Planet to deliver hard-hitting successes that have earned us recognition as a premier Public Relations services provider.

Orient Planet is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.


Red Agency is an award-winning public relations and marketing communications consultancy. We are rare on the Australian communications landscape in that we have three offices (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) with a staff of 16 full-time consultants in addition to administrative support. We operate across four dedicated sectors – consumer, corporate, government and technology – although due to the nature of our business there are often cross-overs. We work for many well-known households brands – and brands that want to be household names. Many companies engage Red Agency because they like our combination of corporate affairs and consumer work. Most approaches are because the company wants to raise their profile – which usually means media relations. However, once we understand what the company is trying to achieve the scope of the work usually expands to include promotions, events, Social Media, leveraging sponsorships and producing collateral whether in a print or online form. Red Agency consultants are some of the best and highly regarded by the PR industry. Our retention of staff is above industry standard and ongoing training is paramount. Red Agency is a mid-sized agency by Australian standards and is part of the Surround Group network. 

Past and/or Present Clients include: Porsche, Volvo, Honda, VILLAGE ROADSHOW, Steelcase, THERMOSKIN, Warner Brothers, iworld, Du Pont, bp, Google tellabs, Vodafone Australia Foundation, 3com, NEC, OpenMarket and British Airways.


Globalization, market environments and constantly evolving technologies, especially tied to entertainment media and gaming, mean that consumers and stakeholders alike expect current, dynamic, and interactive information — at all times wherever, they are. To successfully satisfy this demand, TrainTracks develops integrated communication solutions tailored to individual client's needs. Everything begins with understanding. A client's business, business and consumer targets, their challenges and issues, and a need to develop a solid trusting relationship make us your best partner. Our ultimate mission is to comprehensively contribute to our client's business success. TrainTracks fully understands the critical responsibility to demonstrate return on investment and to display our communications programs as an effective complement to our clients' long-term business performance. 

Past and/or Present Clients include: Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect, Level5, Bandai Namco, ShopStyle, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Walt Disney/Japan, GravityOne, Junoe, Virgo Entertainment and i-BEAK.


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