Bender / Helper
Bender/Helper Impact

No marketing or public relations effort is complete without a comprehensive, strategic social media program. Our team of senior digital marketing strategists works closely with the PR team to choose the best social platforms, craft the right messages and cultivate a thriving community to engage your customers and drive new business.

We offer the level of support you need to fit your goals and resources. We start with your goals and build a strategy focused on business results. Our team will create innovative campaigns to boost KPIs and drive new business with creative content designed to keep the community engaged over the long term. 

Our team has decades of experience in the digital space, working with brands such as CBS Home Entertainment, RCA, Hallmark Channel, AOL, TOMS Shoes, James Taylor, Shutterfly, Snuggie and Jillian Michaels. From strategy to content creation, social advertising to community management, we handle it all!

We’re more than a social media team, we’re your social media pros.

B/H Impact