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B/HI's long history of representing the world's premier entertainment content is matched by its track record of supporting the devices and platforms on which that content resides. From consumer electronic products, equipment and devices to breakthrough technology platforms, B/HI has been at the forefront of almost every major paradigm shift of the last 20 years.

B/HI's experience covers a range of intersecting and immersive industries. From launching Dolby Laboratories' sound technology to the gaming industry to supporting a series of music and lifestyle initiatives for automaker Scion, B/HI has touched the audio/music sector from numerous perspectives. Similarly, the agency's work in the visual medium is multi-faceted, covering television/large screen initiatives for Mitsubishi, the launch of the Blu-Ray Disc Association and revolutionary delivery models such as Divx and Netflix and cutting-edge editing technology from Sony Creative Software.

B/HI and its clients typically maintain presence at major industry events such as CES, NAB, E3, MIPCOM and others.

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B/H Impact