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B/HI's Interactive Entertainment/Gaming group remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving games industry. The division delivers breakthrough communication strategies and results for diverse clients. With more than 20 years of unparalleled success, the group has partnered with companies on iconic brands, best-selling products and major franchises on all platforms.

The group has worked on high-profile franchises such as Tomb Raider, DC Universe Online, Pokemon, DanceDance Revolution, The Sims, Guitar Hero, Metal Gear Solid and Fruit Ninja, among hundreds of other titles. Clients include or have included Square Enix, Sony Online Entertainment, Konami, Electronic Arts, 2K Games, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, THQ, Halfbrick, Disney, Ubisoft, Namco and Paramount Digital.

The group has engineered programs for games on consoles, PCs, mobile, handheld and tablets. Genres have run the spectrum from casual/social, MMO, free-to-play, music and puzzle games to core shooter and action games. Gaming peripherals, accessories and toys have also had successful campaigns driven by the group.

Diverse clients and projects beyond traditional releases have included Sixense, Sphero, uDraw for Wii (THQ), Gnomon School of Visual Arts, Image Metrics, GameFly, World Cyber Games and Major League Gaming.

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