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About B/HI

Bender/Helper Impact (B/HI) is an independently-owned, global marketing communications and public relations firm focused on current and future entertainment content, products, services and technologies.

B/HI has implemented highly-effective communications programs and successful initiatives for many of the largest and most influential entertainment and media companies and properties in the world. Additionally, the company has executed effective public relations and social media-based communications strategies for established, as well as new innovative, cutting-edge companies’ products, services and technologies.


Cracking the connection code is the secret to being relevant. Code Relevant helps companies connect with audiences through socially-engaging experiences that fuel conversations.

Code Relevant is a full-service digital marketing and social media agency created by talented folks tasked with building relevance for our clients. We use any means, media and platform necessary to help our clients reach their target audience by setting and executing strategies that engage and delight.


Global public relations is required in today's world without borders. Focusing on the integration of entertainment technology and brand marketing worldwide, The Surround Group was formed by B/HI and includes hand-picked agencies in nearly 20 territories.

Much more than just a loosely affiliated, referral-oriented PR and marketing alliance, The Surround Group partners operate in a fully integrated manner, applying shared expertise, economies of scale and proprietary processes on behalf of their clients. The result is a streamlined approach to addressing the potentially complicated nuances of managing international PR and marketing services -- adjusting for cultural, lifestyle, economic and operating business realities.